Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Release on DVD: The Beautiful Beast

The Beautiful Beast is a new independent film released today to DVD. It has a different twist on Beauty and the Beast. The film is marketed to a family audience. All I really have to share is the description and a trailer.


In a twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, Isabelle is all beauty on the outside. A glamour-queen socialite, she spends her days spoiling herself and spending money like it s going out of style. When Isabelle injures herself and gets lost in an isolated winterland, she stumbles on the solitude of Jeremy, a man hiding from both the world and his past. He s the first person to put Isabelle in her place, and Isabelle realizes she might be more beast than she wants to admit. Through Jeremy s influence, she begins to change and fall in love. But will she revert to the beast and give up her chance at real love when she returns home?

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