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Now Available: Cinderella Tales From Around the World

Cinderella Tales From Around the World

Yes, things have been a little quiet around here thanks to holiday and work demands. The good news is that my next title, Cinderella Tales From Around the World (Updated! It's on Amazon now.), should be available for purchase on Amazon and other bookstores sometime within the next week. It's been a long, long, long journey to the end of this book, a longer one than I ever anticipated. And since the table of contents for this one is long, too, I am going to simply say no more and share it for the remainder of this post. Here goes:

Table of Contents

Tales marked with * are summaries of tales.

Introduction: Searching for Cinderella by Heidi Anne Heiner
Notes About This Edition

Cinderella Tales

1. Rhodopis: Early Texts Egypt
2. The First Cinderella: A Tale of the Red Pyramid Egypt
3. Rhodopis and Her Little Gilded Sandals Egypt
4. The Magic Jar Egypt
5. Aseneth Jewish Legend
6. Of Aspasia Greece
7. The Three Sisters Greece
8. Aschenputtel* Greece
9. Little Saddleslut Greece
10. Saddleslut Greece
11. The Story of Cinderella Greece
12. Aschenbrödel* Cyprus
13. The Cat Cinderella Italy
14. The Ewe* Italy
15. Fair Date* Italy
16. La Cenorientola Italy
17. Vaccarella Italy
18. La Cenerentola (I) Italy
19. Scindirin-Scindirolu* Italy
20. Cinderella Italy
21. Cendreusette Italy
22. Catarina* Italy
23. La Cenerentola (II)* Italy
24. The Calf with Golden Horns* Italy
25. The Story of Cinderella* Italy
26. La Maestra e la Figliastra* Italy
27. The Cinder-Wench* Italy
28. La Cenerentola (III)* Italy
29. La Bbrutta Cenerelle* Italy
30. Aschenputtel Germany
31. The Three Sisters* Germany
32. Aschenbrödel* Germany
33. Aschengrittel* Germany
34. Eschenfidle* Germany
35. The Story of the King and of Jenne His True Love* Belgium
36. Aschekladdeken* Belgium
37. The Lay of the Ash Tree France
38. Cinderilla; or, The Little Glass Slipper France
39. Finette Cendron France
40. Cendrouse France
41. The Black Cat France
42. The Blue Bull France
43. The Fire-blower* Spain
44. La Cenicienta* Spain
45. The Hearth Cat Portugal
46. The Maiden and the Fish Portugal
47. Horse-Skin Portugal
48. Ashey Pelt Ireland
49. Fair, Brown, and Trembling Ireland
50. Cul-Fin, Cul-Din, Cul-Corrach Ireland
51. The Snow-White Maiden, and the Fair Maid, and the Swarthy Maid, and Frizzle, or Bald Pate Their Mother Scotland
52. Ashpitel Scotland
53. Rashie Coat Scotland
54. The Red Calf Scotland
55. Rashin Coatie (Lang) Scotland
56. Rashin-Coatie (Douglas) Scotland
57. The Black Yow Scotland
58. The Sharp Grey Sheep Scotland
59. Cinderella Wales
60. Rushen Coatie England
61. The Broken Pitcher England
62. The Cinder Maid Europe
63. Stepmother Story Iceland
64. The Story of Mjadveig, The Daughter of Mani (I) Iceland
65. The Story of Mjadveig, The Daughter of Mani (II) Iceland
66. The Story of Mjadveig* Iceland
67. The Tale of How Three Damsels Went To Fetch Fire Iceland
68. The Girl Who Got Meat and Clothes in the Mound* Faroe Islands
69. The Girl Clad in Mouse-Skin Denmark
70. The Green Knight Denmark
71. Lucy Ragged-hood* Denmark
72. The White Dog, or Put-into-Pot* Denmark
73. The Little Glove* Denmark
74. Pot of Ashes* Denmark
75. The Golden Shoe (I)* Denmark
76. The Little Red Calf* Denmark
77. Hazel-brother* Denmark
78. Mette Skin-gown* Denmark
79. The Cock and Hen Who Went to the Judge* Denmark
80. The Little Golden Shoe* Denmark
81. The Golden Shoe (II)* Denmark
82. The Little Gold Shoe* Denmark
83. Askenbasken, Who Became Queen* Denmark
84. Whip-in-the-Ashes (I)* Denmark
85. Whip-in-the-Ashes (II)* Denmark
86. The Golden Shoe (III)* Denmark
87. Greasy Matty* Denmark
88. Tahier-Tahaer* Denmark
89. The Stepdaughter* Denmark
90. The Little Shoe* Denmark
91. Little Mary in the Wooden-gown* Denmark
92. The Two Princesses* Denmark
93. The Little Gold Shoe with 7 Variants Sweden
94. Cinder-brat; or, Little Cinder-slut (Askungen)* Sweden
95. Crow-cloak (Kräkpelsa)* Sweden
96. The Stepdaughter and the Right Daughter* Sweden
97. Cinderella Fragment* Sweden
98. Katie Woodencloak Norway
99. Kari Traestak (I)* Norway
100. Kari Traestak (II)* Norway
101. Kari Traestak (III)* Norway
102. Kari Traestak (IV)* Norway
103. The Lime-tree Queen* Norway
104. Stable-Slut* Norway
105. The Old Man’s Daughter* Norway
106. Manddottera* Norway
107. Aaskepot* Norway
108. The Man’s Daughter* Norway
109. Little Christina (Lita Kjersti)* Norway
110. The Man’s Daughter in the Pig-sty* Norway
111. Kraake Lange* Norway
112. The Three Girls Who Went as Servants to the King’s Palace* Finland
113. The Girls Who Went to the King’s Palace* Finland
114. The Syöjätär (I)* Finland
115. The Syöjätär (II)* Finland
116. The Beggar’s Daughter Housed Free* Finland
117. The Two Young Ladies and Cinderella* Finland
118. The Servants' Places* Finland
119. Poropüka* Finland
120. Tüna, the Swineherd* Finland
121. The Swineherd* Finland
122. Sikeri-Sokeri, Cowskin* Finland
123. The Wonderful Birch Finland & Russia
124. The Marvellous Oak* Finland & Russia
125. The Three Sisters* Finland
126. Tuhka-Triinu Estonia
127. Chernushka Russia
128. Zamarashka* Russia
129. The Baba Yaga Russia
130. Vasilissa the Beautiful Russia
131. The Orphan and the Fairy* Belarus
132. Kopciuszku* Belarus
133. The Golden Slipper Cossack (Ukraine and Russia)
134. A Polish Cinderella* Poland
135. The Story of an Orphan* Poland
136. The Princess with the Pigskin Cloak* Poland
137. The Mysterious Lady of the Fir-Tree* Poland
138. The Oak-Tree and the Sheepskin* Poland
139. The Three Sisters* Czech Republic
140. The Three Princesses Hungary
141. Popelusa* Hungary
142. O Popelusce* Hungary
143. The Widower and His Daughter Hungary
144. The Three Sisters* Austria
145. Aschenbrödel* Austria
146. La Cuzza Tzenere* Croatia
147. The Golden Apple and the Cinder-girl* Croatia
148. Papalluga; or, The Golden Slipper Serbia
149. Pepelyouga Serbia
150. Aschenzuttel* Serbia
151. Cinderella Bulgaria
152. Conkiajgharuna, the Little Rag Girl Georgia
153. The Brother Ram* Armenia
154. The Story of Little Fatima Iran
155. Snowmaiden Palestine (Historical Region)
156. The Tender-hearted Maiden and the Fish Nigeria
157. Fenda Maria and Her Elder Brother Nga Nzua Angola
158. The White Turtle Sri Lanka
159. Bâpkhâdî* India
160. A Salsette Cinderella India
161. Cinderella India
162. The Wicked Stepmother Kashmir
163. Yeh-hsien China
164. Beauty and Pock Face China
165. Pigling and Her Proud Sister Korea
166. Benizara and Kakezara Japan
167. The Story of Tam and Cam Vietnam
168. Kajong and Halœk* Vietnam
169. Maria and the Lukban Tree (I) Philippines
170. Maria and the Lukban Tree (II) Philippines
171. The Story of the Life of Maria . . . In the Kingdom of Hungary Philippines
172. Life of a Merchant, Proceso by Name, and of His Daughter Maria, in the Kingdom of Hungary Philippines
173. Maria and the Golden Slipper Philippines
174. Abadeja Philippines
175. A Macassar Version of Cinderella Indonesia
176. The Bones of Djulung Indonesia
177. Ojibwa Cinderella Ojibwa Tribe, North America
178. The Invisible One Micmac Tribe, North America
179. Little Burnt Face Micmac Tribe, North America
180. Indian Cinderella Micmac Tribe, North America
181. Huron Cinderella Wyandot (Huron) Tribe, North America
182. The Poor Turkey Girl Zuñi Tribe, North America
183. The Turkey Herd Zuñi Tribe, North America
184. Cendrillon Canada
185. Cinderella, from Thorpe’s The Master’s House United States
186. Cinderella Bahamas
187. Cendrillon* Martinique
188. Cinder-Mary (Cuento de Maria Ceniza) Mexico
189. Maria the Cinder-maiden Chile
190. Maria the Ash-Girl Chile

Donkeyskin Tales

191. The Goat-Girl Greece
192. Allerleirauh* Greece/Albania
193. The Shoes (Les Souliers)* Albania
194. Doralice Italy
195. The She-Bear Italy
196. The Bear Italy
197. La Scindiroeura* Italy
198. Betta Pilusa* Italy
199. Little Hairy (Pilusedda)* Italy
200. Faith and Creed* Italy
201. The Deer* Italy
202. Truvaturedda (Trovatorella)* Italy
203. Fair Maria Wood Italy
204. Maria Wood (I) Italy
205. Maria Wood (II) Italy
206. Maria Wood (III) Italy
207. Marie Wooden Dress Italy
208. Le Pays des Brides* Italy
209. La Candeliera Italy
210. Ugly Gourd (Zuccaccia)* Italy
211. Father and Daughter* Italy
212. The Story of the Hairy Belle* Italy
213. The Story of the Three Dresses* Italy
214. Dame Cork* Italy
215. Lu Zocchele de Legne* Italy
216. The Little Gold Shoe with 7 Variants* Italy
217. Maria Wood (Maria Intaulata)* Italy
218. Maria Wainscotted (Maria Intauradda)* Italy
219. The Wooden Top (Il Trottolin di Legno)* Italy
220. Pellicina* Italy
221. Allerleirauh; or, All-Kinds-of-Fur Germany
222. Allerleirauh; or, The Many-Furred Creature (Lang) Germany
223. Aschenpüster (Cinderblower) Germany
224. Aschengrübel Switzerland
225. Saint Helena France
226. Of a Young Girl Nicknamed Peau d’Asne and How She Was Married With the Help of Small Ants France
227. Donkey-skin France
228. La Peau d’Ane* France
229. Peau d’Ane* France
230. Peau d'Anette France
231. Césarine* France
232. The King of Spain’s Daughter* France
233. The Golden Bull* France
234. The White Goat France
235. Ass’-Skin French Basque
236. The Stepmother and the Stepdaughter French Basque
237. The Ass’s Skin* Spain
238. The Golden Chest* Spain
239. The Princess Who Would Not Marry Her Father Portugal
240. The Princess and the Golden Cow England
241. Tattercoats England
242. The Story of Catskin England
243. The Wandering Young Gentlewoman; or, Catskin England
244. Catskin England
245. The Princess in the Catskins Ireland
246. The King Who Wished Marry To His Daughter Scotland
247. Margery White Coats Scotland
248. The Red Cow* Denmark
249. The Little Red Cow* Denmark
250. Pussel in the Skin-gown* Denmark
251. The Little Shoe* Denmark
252. The Girl with the Crow's-bill Gown* Denmark
253. Crow-mantle* Denmark
254. Tale of a Little Kitchen Wench* Denmark
255. Shaggy-cloak* Sweden
256. The Crowbill-cloak* Sweden
257. Fur-cloak* Sweden
258. The Crow-cloak (Kråk-Pelsen)* Sweden
259. Thousand-cloak (Tusen-Pelsen)* Sweden
260. Pelsarubb* Sweden
261. Crowbill-cloak (Kråknabba-Pelsen)* Sweden
262. Wood-Clatter* Norway
263. The Girl with the Crowskin Cloak* Norway
264. The Three Dresses* Finland
265. The King’s Daughter* Finland
266. The Pig Girl* Finland
267. The Wonder of Wonders (Perenovoe Chudo)* Russia
268. Mary the Smutty-Nosed (Mashka Soplivka)* Russia
269. Pigskin Hood (Svinoi Chekhol) * Russia
270. The Beautiful Princess Lithuania
271. Four Talking Sticks* Lithuania
272. Królewna Kocie Oczy (Princess Cat’s-Eyes)* Poland
273. Brother and Sister* Poland
274. Krolowna Sa Popielucha (The Princess as Cinderella)* Poland
275. O Myszej Skorce (Mouse-Skin)* Poland
276. The Princess with the Gold Star on Her Brow* Czech Republic
277. The Girl with the Louse-Skin Cloak* Ukraine
278. The Emperor’s Daughter in the Pig Stall* Romania
279. Besom-Cast, Brush-Cast, Comb-Cast Austria
280. Hennenpfösl* Austria
281. Cistl im Körbl* Austria
282. The Emperor Who Wanted To Marry His Own Daughter* Croatia
283. Aschenbrödel* Serbia
284. Popeljuha Zavaljuha* Serbia
285. The Devil’s Dresses* Serbia
286. How an Emperor’s Daughter Was Turned into a Lamb* Serbia
287. Wooden Mary (Xylomarie)* Turkey
288. Allerleirauh* Turkey
289. Aurora* Syria
290. Nya-Nya Bulembu; or, The Moss-Green Princess South Africa
291. Baboon-Skins South Africa
292. The Story of Peau d’Âne Mauritius
293. The Scab Girl Sri Lanka
294. The Disguised Princess India
295. The King and the Fairy India
296. The Princess and the Cat India
297. The Wooden Bowl Japan
298. Dona Labismina Brazil
299. Florinda Chile
300. Delgadina Nicaragua

Cap o’ Rushes and Love Like Salt Tales
(ATU 510B and 923)

301. La Sendraroeula Italy
302. Like Good Salt Italy
303. The Value of Salt Italy
304. Water and Salt with 3 Variants Italy
305. Blear-Eye (Occhi-Marci)* Italy
306. The Story of the Candlestick (La Fola del Candlir)* Italy
307. The Screw of Salt (Lu Scartozze de Sale)* Italy
308. The Goose-Girl at the Well Germany
309. So Lieb Wie Salz* Germany
310. Salt and Bread (Salt og Brod)* Sweden
311. Slut-Sweeps-the-Oven* Belgium
312. Little Dirty-Skin* Belgium
313. As Much As Salt* Belgium
314. Salt Belgium
315. The Dirty Shepherdess (La Pouilleuse) France
316. The Turkey Girl* France
317. Marie la Fille du Roi* France
318. Johnny of the Bark* Spain
319. Salt and Water* Portugal
320. King Leir and Cordeilla England
321. King Lear (Lamb) England
322. King Lear (Nesbit) England
323. Cap o’ Rushes: The Suffolk “King Lear” England
324. Cap o’ Rushes England
325. Sugar and Salt England
326. The King and His Daughters Pakistan
327. The Princess Who Loved Her Father Like Salt (I) India
328. The Princess Who Loved Her Father Like Salt (II) India

One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes Tales (ATU 511)

329. One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes Germany
330. La Petite Annette* France
331. The Golden Pear-Tree* France
332. The Golden Bells* France
333. The Sheep’s Daughter* Scotland
334. Mette Wooden-hood* Denmark
335. Little Havroshechka* Russia
336. Burenushka* Russia
337. The Girl Who Had a Witch for a Stepmother* Czech Republic
338. The Story of How Fatima Killed Her Mother and What Came of It Iran
339. Lal Badshah, The Red King; or, The Two Little Princesses India
340. One-Eye, Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes United States

More Cinderellas

341. Marietta and the Witch, Her Stepmother Greece
342. Klein-Else Austria
343. Sodewa Bai India
344. The Tale of Princess Phulande India
345. The Talking Eggs United States


Bibliography of Primary Sources
Bibliography of Secondary Sources


  1. Now this is something I want. Cinderella has always been my favorite fairy tale. A giant collection of as many varients as possible sounds awesome

    1. Yes, my frustration is that I couldn't put more in the book since there are plenty more out there in the world!

  2. I so want to buy this book for the One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes stories.

    I actually know one more Hungarian version of the story that does not seem to be here, called "The Orphan Girl's Hair." It intially starts out very close to the Perrault version, right down to the fairy godmother, but after the ball, instead of a slipper, the prince searches for the girl with the same golden hair as the heroine. The evil stepmother then shaves the heroine's head, and presents her own daughter as the false bride. Eventually, the prince uncovers the truth and marries the right bride.

    1. Do you know of a book it appears in?

    2. Tales and traditions of Hungary, by F. and T. Pulszky

      The heroine is referred to as "Ellen," a translation of the name Illona.

  3. Will this be available on kindle?

    1. Yes, a Kindle edition should be available in early December.

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations on your hard work.

  5. Yes, Thank-you for all your research in so many countries, cultures , and time periods!! It would be a perfect book to read one tale each night, curled up by a fire!

  6. Yes, Thank-you for all your research in so many countries, cultures , and time periods!! It would be a perfect book to read one tale each night, curled up by a fire!