Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bargain New Book: Cinderella by Sarah L. Thomson (Author), Nicoletta Ceccoli (Illustrator)

Cinderella by Sarah L. Thomson (Author), Nicoletta Ceccoli (Illustrator) is a new book--I haven't even covered it on SurLaLune yet--that has been temporarily bargain priced in hardcover on Amazon to $7.99, 56% off cover price. It may even be a today only but I am not sure.

Of course, the reason to buy another Cinderella picture book is new illustrations and these are by Ceccoli, a personal favorite of mine, since I already own her The Princess and the White Bear King, among others. (I'll put up some more book covers at the bottom of this post.) I love these but wish Cinderella looked a little older. But then again, my almost three-year-old niece is Cinderella nuts right now and I know she will adore this book. Christmas present it is!

You can view several of the illustrations by looking inside the book on Amazon. I wasn't able to easily capture and share any here today.

Book description:

Once upon a time, a rich merchant lived with his daughter. He loved the girl for her beautiful face and her sweet heart. But after his wife died, he decided to marry a second time, and his new wife was selfish and cruel. She had two daughters of her own who were just like her. . . .

This story of Cinderella is based on the version collected and published by the seventeenth-century author Charles Perrault. Perrault’s Cinderella echoes the elegance and luxury of the French court of King Louis XIV, and it’s from his version that we get Cinderella’s famous glass slippers. Sarah L. Thomson’s beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale is matched with the uniquely stunning artwork of Nicoletta Ceccoli rendered in acrylics on paper and digitally. This is a picture book to treasure.


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