Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Book: The Princess and the Giant by Caryl Hart

The Princess and the Giant by Caryl Hart (Author) and Sarah Warburton (Illustrator) was released this past October.

Book description:

Princess Sophie is exhausted, and it's all because that grumpy old giant up on the beanstalk can't sleep. His stomps and stamps keep everyone awake. But as the resourceful Princess Sophie reads her favorite book of fairy tales, she wonders if she might just have the answer. She bravely climbs the beanstalk carrying a tasty bowl of porridge, a cuddly teddy bear, and cozy blanket to help soothe the giant. But nothing works until finally Sophie hits upon the perfect thing — a bedtime story! Everyone lives (and sleeps) happily ever after, but when Sophie then teaches the giant how to read himself, it is the most perfect ending of all.

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