Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Book: Cinderella Six Feet Under (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery) by Maia Chance

Cinderella Six Feet Under (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery) by Maia Chance was released earlier this month. This is the second in the cozy mystery series that started with last year's release of Snow White Red-Handed (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery) and will continue in February of next year with the release of Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery).

Maia shared a guest post last year when the series was launched. Read the SurLaLune post at Guest Post: Maia Chance, Author of Snow White Red-Handed and the book announcement at Snow White Red-Handed (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery) by Maia Chance.

Book description:

This Cinderella goes from ashes to ashes in the new Victorian-era Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery by the author of Snow White Red-Handed . . .

Variety hall actress Ophelia Flax’s plan to reunite her friend Prue with her estranged—and allegedly wealthy—mother, Henrietta, is met with a grim surprise. Not only is the marquise’s Paris mansion a mouse-infested ruin, but Henrietta has inexplicably vanished, leaving behind an evasive husband, two sinister stepsisters, and a bullet-riddled corpse in the pumpkin patch decked out in a ball gown and one glass slipper—a corpse that also happens to be a dead ringer for Prue.

Strangely, no one at 15 rue Garenne seems concerned about who plugged this luckless Cinderella or why, so the investigation is left to Ophelia and Prue. It takes them through the labyrinthine maze of the Paris Opera, down the trail of a legendary fairy tale relic, into the confidence of a wily prince charmless, and makes them vulnerable to the secrets of a mysterious couturière with designs of her own on Prue’s ever-twisting family history.

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