Monday, July 28, 2014

New Book: Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Dan Santat


Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz (Author), Dan Santat (Illustrator) was released earlier this month. This is one of my most anticipated fairy tale picture books for 2014. Why? Because NINJAS! Ninjas impress many people in my life so a ninja picture book is always a bonus.

This same team brought us The Three Ninja Pigs. Which was also fun! Because NINJAS! Pigs! Wolves! Did I mention NINJAS?

Here are some illustrations and a description for the new book. This would be very fun to read during a storytime. What do you think? Should this become a trilogy--which fairy tale should be ninja-fractured next?

Book description Ninja Red Riding Hood:

Companion to the hit The Three Ninja Pigs, this fractured fairy tale is a sure-fire storytime hit.

Wolf just can’t catch a break! Ever since the three little pigs started teaching everyone Ninja skills, huffing and puffing just hasn’t been enough to scare up a good meal.

His craving for meat sends Wolf to classes at the dojo, and soon he’s ready to try out his new moves. A little girl and her tiny granny should be easy targets—right?

Not if Little Red has anything to say about it! Kiya!

What happens next? I don't know! Guess I'll have to read the book to find out! There it goes onto my personal wishlist.


  1. I guess it is time to integrate ninjas into fairy tales. They're fast and they have various ninjutsu. It makes the old characters more interesting.