Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Red Cap Illustrated by Květa Pacovská

Little Red Cap (Mini-Edition) was released last year in the UK, but hasn't been released in the US, but must be purchased through third party sellers on sites like Amazon.

Illustrated by Květa Pacovská, I imagine this one will inspire either strong love or hate. It's not a book to promote apathy. Especially when considered as a picture book for children. Would you give this one to your favorite child? I know to many readers, it will look like it WAS illustrated by a child. Thoughts?

Book description:

Little Red Cap (also known as Little Red Riding Hood) is the most popular of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, loved the world over. No other story has been told as many different ways, or illustrated as often, as this tale about “a sweet little girl, beloved by everyone who laid eyes on her, but most of all by her grandmother.”

The Czech artist Květa Pacovská renowned for her unique illustration style, tackles this classic tale with her usual creative flair. As the book progresses, she builds up almost musical motifs of theme and variation as the two great characters—the fearsome wolf and the innocent Little Red Cap—make their famous meeting. With stunning originality, Ms. Pacovská invites us to see this well known tale in a totally new way.


  1. Can get lost in all things Grimm... I'll have to give this one a whirl...

  2. This looks like a unique take on it. The art is so different from the way it is traditionally depicted.