Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heidi at The 2013 Southern Festival of Books

The 2013 Southern Festival of Books Schedule is now online. The festival is held each year in Nashville, this year on October 11-13. If you look carefully at the Friday schedule, you'll see:

3:00-4:00 pm, Chapter 16 Stage
Cinderella: Tales from Around the World
Heidi Anne Heiner

You can also view a list of this year's authors here. This is my second time presenting at the fair--I had fun talking about Bluebeard two years ago. And I've been attending as a reader for more years than I can count--not long after it started that is, so I've attended more years of the 25 years than not even when I lived away from Nashville.

Anyway, I will be discussing Cinderella and Cinderella Tales From Around the World for my allotted hour. That will go quickly although I have to think on my feet since I adapt according to the audience that sits down--can't discuss incest themes in Cinderella too deeply if a bunch of school kids appear in front of me! But if there's only adults, that's always what entertains them...

And the Chapter 16 stage is under a tent but outdoors, so I hope for good weather and a working microphone, the latter is a sure bet because this festival is run very well.

I may sneak in a bit about Beauty and the Beast, too, since that is what has filled my brain this year along with Diamonds and Toads, two books coming your way fairly soon. If you want them!


  1. I look forward to both publications. The imagery for diamonds and toads is great (I have a glass version in my head) and I would love to read more about the stories. I plan to have all of your books one day! At the moment i'm working on a bluebeard/fitcher's bird art piece, over 40 glass keys, almost finished.

  2. Squee, the BatB book at last! And I wish I could go to the festival-- teleportation really needs to exist now, please...