Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bargain Comic Ebooks: Fables Series for 99 Cents Each

Pretty much all of the single issue comics in the Fables Universe are currently 99 cents each on Amazon. Here's the link: Fables Single Issue Comics Sale. Well, the most recent, #133 is $2.99 which I believe is the usual price for all of these.

There's 212 titles, so no, you won't be buying them all. Although that would be cool if you did. I admire that. But it's a way to read some of the series without a big commitment, or to read one of the side series in the universe. Anyway, I'm going to be quiet about it and just let you go explore if you are interested.

By the way, these are best on color ereaders like tablets, but they can also be read in B&W on regular Kindles and other readers because I imagine they are on sale elsewhere, too, but I'm not taking the time to investigate.

I think this is a promotion since many were just released in this format digitally with release dates for this week although the series is long lived now. Although I remember when it launched and that makes me feel old....

(And I just love that cover for Fables 73 above. Awesome.)

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