Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tonight: Beauty and the Beast Premieres on the CW

Beauty and the Beast premieres on the CW tonight. Above is a video with the stars discussing the fairy tale and original series inspiration--there isn't much. But there is also talk that the Beast is going to morph more over the series as the DNA tampering (or whatever it is) takes over more of his body. That could be interesting....

 From 'B&B' CAST ON TAKING ON A CLASSIC FAIRY TALE By ROBERT PACE where there is a video I cannot embed, too:
"With every show like this that's a remake or a kind of start with a blank slate in some ways," said Kreuk, who played "Lana Lang" on Smallville. "You get to learn from what other things did previously, but it's a re-imagining. It's something entirely new, so I think you have to approach not with the other stuff in mind but just with 'What do we want to do with this new material?'"
The novelty of the show is accompanied by a modern setting, with Kreuk playing a detective and Ryan playing a military doctor as the respective beauty and beast. Although the modern adaptation creates a new atmosphere for the show, Ryan assures that the show still preserves key themes from the original tale.
"We keep the themes of [the original] 'Beauty and the Beast,' which is what we bring from the old stories or re-imaginings, and make it our own" the New Zealand native said.
So who is going to watch?

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