Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk Jewelry

Today I am sharing surprising finds, Jack and the Beanstalk related jewelry, either direct or indirect through design or marketing. I say surprising because this tale tends to be considered more of a "boy" story and thus isn't often interpreted for jewelry. (No arguments about stereotypes, just stating the facts!) I provide links to sources but by no means do I endorse any of these sellers having no experience with them. I'm simply sharing the images and links for the curious. And because with some, such as the Etsy designers, I'm inspired by their work.

These make me wish allergies didn't prevent me from having pierced ears. Sigh.... These were also available several places online, but I liked the description at this site best.

Jack and the Beanstalk vine accent earring: Relive your childhood when you wear this whimsical ear Jack and the Beanstalk ear cuff and it's vine accent earring. The designer suggests that you wear the vine accent earring on the right ear to compliment the Jack and the Beanstalk ear cuff or consider ordering a pair of the vine earrings for a more elaborate statement. This does not include the ear cuff pictured.

These Jack and the Beanstalk earrings --handmade and offered on Etsy by amoronia--feature illustrations by Walter Crane. (She has some other surprises like Cinderella, Frog Prince, and Little Red Riding Hood, too. Love!)

3D JACK & THE BEANSTALK Charm: Currently available on Ebay in silver or gold. Once again, available a few places on the internet, but this time I prefer Ebay as a more reputable resource.

Another Etsy find, a beanstalk pendant, this time from juliespace.


  1. Hello Heidi Anne!

    I feel blessed to be here! You are such a lovely person! Thank you for the post, but above all THANK YOU for writing this blog! I wish more people will start reading fairy tales!



  2. Some VERY lovely finds! Anything inspired by faerie tales is alright be me. :) Theresa

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