Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beastly Beast or Human Prince?

There's been a long going discussion among scholars and others about the disappointment often felt by readers and viewers when the Beast is transformed back into his human form in Beauty and the Beast tales. I had hoped to go share some of those discussions, but have been sick. But it has arisen again in popular media with the release of the new Disney film. So I wanted to share the article: Why Is the Prince in Beauty and the Beast Always Less Hot Than the Beast? By Hunter Harris

Excerpt from the article:

And it’s precisely at this moment — just when you’re adjusting to life as a human person who’d swipe right on a cartoon Beast — that he’s snatched from us. In both versions of Beauty and the Beast, the pesky curse that trapped the Beast in his animal form is eventually broken. When Belle sobs over his injured body, her tears deactivate the spell. With proof that he can love and be loved in return, the Beast is magically returned to the human race.

Believe me when I say that this was the cruelest twist ending of my childhood. After 90 minutes of falling for that lush brown fur, I discovered that the Beast’s human form is blonde. Also, he’s just not that hot.
The effect is much worse in film, of course, but it has been explored many times in fiction, too, by Angela Carter, Robin McKinley, and others.

So how to you feel when the Beast disappears? Happy, disappointed, or just confused?


  1. I'm actually okay with the Beast transforming back. I mean, it was a curse and now he's finally free from it. Unlike most people, I've never been disappointed with Disney's human version of the Beast--as long as Belle recognizes those blue eyes at the end of the day as those of her Beast, everything is fine.

  2. Very interesting theories and conversation. Personally? I'm happy when he's back to human.

  3. Hey, the point of the story was learning to appreciate people regardless of looks.

  4. If the viewer is disappointed in the change then they did not get the point of the story. They themselves are superficial and in need of the spell over their own lives.

  5. Personally, I prefer it when the beast is transformed back to human form. Just imagine how painful it would be to have that reminder of all your mistakes staring you in the face for the rest of your life. Like previously mentioned, it was a curse, and the prince is free now. So yeah, beast transformed back into his human self it is!

  6. He was okah as the beast but I love his human form more, he was gorgeous and besides I was extremely happy when that cruel spell was broken.The only thing that was attractive about him as a beast was his personality (Which he obviously still had in his human form). I definitely wasn't disappointed with his human form at all like certain people are. I would never want him to turn back into a beast anyway, that's just cruel and it wouldn't be a very happy ending at all if that happened.