Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Book: The Most Important Pea by Erin Lilly

The Most Important Pea by Erin Lilly is a new release. This one retells Princess and the Pea. Someday I need to do a count of how many times the tale has been retold from the perspective of the pea. I think there are more of those than of the Princess herself and definitely from the Prince's perspective. Some preview pages are provided below.

Book description:

"Peas are just like everyone else. They are born, are schooled in their pods, and strive to have a purpose." In The Most Important Pea, Erin Lilly will show that it does not matter how young or small you are. If you put your mind to it with a little faith and luck, you can accomplish anything. That includes a pea helping a prince find his princess.
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  1. So is there an actual review of this story?