Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bargain Ebooks: The Mirror's Tale and The Brave Apprentice by P. W. Catanese for $2.99 Each

The Mirror's Tale: A Further Tales Adventure (Further Tales Adventures) and The Brave Apprentice: A Further Tales Adventure by P. W. Catanese are on sale for $2.99 each in ebook format. That's half of their usual price of $5.99.

These two books are part of a series by Catanese that retells fairy tales for middle readers aiming at boys as the primary audience, but don't let that stop you from enjoying them if you are not an elementary and middle school aged boy. When these books were first published, there wasn't much out there marketing fairy tales to that age and gender group--there still isn't--so it was a refreshing addition to fairy tale retellings. The series also has fun with some lesser known fairy tales, such as the Brave Little Tailor.

Not all books in the series have been converted to ebooks--these were published just as ebooks were growing in popularity--so buying the books also essentially votes with the publisher to get the other books published in ebook format for future generations of readers, too. The series is still available in paperback.

Book description for The Mirror's Tale: A Further Tales Adventure (Further Tales Adventures):

Everyone has heard the story -- the dwarves, the talking mirror, the evil witch. But this tale doesn't belong to Snow White anymore....

Bert and Will, the twin sons of the baron of Ambercrest, are best friends. They do everything together and can't help it if trouble just seems to...find them. But the baron is fed up and has decided that separation will keep them out of mischief. One twin, he proclaims, will stay in Ambercrest for the summer, while the other will be sent to The Crags -- a foreboding, rocky outpost on the edge of the kingdom.

It is there, hidden in a forbidden black chamber, that one of the boys discovers a bejeweled and mysterious mirror. What is the precious object? And why does it make him feel so...powerful? Soon the twins' kinship is replaced by dark magic and deceit, and a kingdom hangs dangerously in the balance. What becomes of one who is ruled by the forces of evil? And can brotherly love conquer a consuming quest for power?

Book description for The Brave Apprentice: A Further Tales Adventure:

"Seven at one blow!" That's what they say about the Brave Little Tailor -- he killed seven foes with one blow. But no one can prove it's even true. Besides, that took place a long time ago, and the Brave Little Tailor is now an old man. So what happens when an army of angry trolls invades his kingdom?
Meet Patch Ridlin. He's a tailor's simple apprentice in the remote village of Crossfield. He's a hard worker who's never wanted for much, except maybe a little adventure. But when he rescues his friend Osbert from an aging and decrepit troll, Patch finds himself something of a town hero. Word of his bravery quickly spreads throughout the countryside, and Patch is summoned to the king's castle. King Milo needs his help to wage war on a gang of trolls threatening to destroy the kingdom.
Soon Patch finds himself engaged in an all-out battle against the trolls. With only the help of a fool named Simon and a maddening riddle, can Patch figure out the troll's fatal flaw? Or is the kingdom destined to perish?

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