Friday, August 8, 2014

New Book: The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Little Golden Book)

My post sharing The Wild Swans Little Golden Book has been a popular post this week. So I realized I should share The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Little Golden Book) by Jane Werner and illustrated by Sheilah Beckett, a reprint of a classic Little Golden Book, reprinted earlier this year. I didn't own this one as a child either but I wish I had. I didn't learn about this fairy tale until I was older than the typical Little Golden Book reader. I've always felt a little cheated by that because I know it would have been one of my instant favorites just with the dancing element alone--I wasn't princess oriented but I was VERY dance obsessed-- and it would have flavored my childhood.

What I like about this one is how each sister appears to have a unique personality in the illustrations. I would have spent hours imagining each of their personalities once upon a time.

Book description:

This beloved fairy tale about the princesses who secretly dance their slippers into pieces each night is brought to life in this dazzling Little Golden Book from 1954. Breathtaking illustrations by the inimitable Sheilah Beckett have been digitally restored to their original splendor.

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