Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gold E. Lahks Commercials

I have to admit that the fairy tales in advertising posts are some of my favorites to share. I missed this one for Hyatt Hotels until today because I haven't been actively looking for these as much of late. The campaign was launched in October 2013, so it's not too old.

Whenever I post fairy tale related advertising I also wonder what makes me love them so much--especially well-done campaigns like this one--and I think that it is comforting to see fairy tales used as part of pop culture. When they are used in advertising, it is proof that the well-known tales are still part of our public awareness and consciousness. Since they often use humor, too, they are just fun to watch. I appreciate cleverness. Even when it's trying to sell me something.

About the campaign:

This one’s too big… This one’s too small… This one is just right. Thanks to Hyatt Place, you’ll be seeing a familiar childhood character in the media these days. Goldilocks is back – but this time as Swedish, blond-haired character named Gold E. Lahks!

Using the tagline, “You’ll Know It’s Right When You See It,” the new advertising follows Gold E. Lahk’s search for a hotel that’s the perfect fit until he lands upon Hyatt Place. It’s all inspired by feedback we receive from our guests that, as Hyatt Place, we get it right for today’s multitasking travelers in both overall experience and our practical amenities. Just this year, guests helped Hyatt Place receive recognition from J.D. Power as highest in guest satisfaction among upscale hotel chains.

Here's another one, too:

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