Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ebook Deals: Michael Hague Titles

There is a new sale at Amazon: The Big Deal: Kindle Books Up to 85% Off. The prices are good until August 4th on this one, although I've learned that some books disappear from these sales once a quota is met. I'm going to share a few posts with links to various titles of interest from the sale.

These two books will only work on tablet ebook readers since the illustrations are imperative to the books.

The Man Who Kept House (Michael Hague Signature Classics) illustrated by Michael Hague is $1.99. Hague has illustrated many fairy tales and fairies in general during his career.

Book description:

Award-winning artist Michael Hague illustrates this funny tale about a farmer who trades places with his wife, convinced his work in the fields is harder than his wife's work at home.

Lionel and the Book of Beasts (Michael Hague Signature Classics) also illustrated by Michael Hague is $1.99.

Book description:

What if the turn of a page released the power of a dragon?

When young Lionel becomes king, he is told not to open the Book of Beasts. But how can he resist when mythical creatures spring to life right out of the pages? One page that should have remained unturned brings to life a terrifying dragon, and Lionel learns what being a king is truly about.
The combined talents of beloved author E. Nesbit and renowned illustrator Michael Hague create a magical adventure for any reader whose imagination brings books alive in this stunning new Signature edition.

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